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Chiropractic and Functional Strategies for a fortified, fruitful life.

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You were made in the image of God.

As His creatures, we are called to glorify Him in all that we do by being good stewards of every area of life. This requires:





But... there is a problem

We often can find ourselves dealing with restrictions like:



 Painful Stiffness


Our Mission

Reconcile your body to your original God given design.

We support by coming alongside the pursuit of your optimal wellness within the jurisdiction of God’s sovereignty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because as created beings, we are image bearers of our Creator and Designer. When restoring the body’s health and function, we seek to reconcile the body to how it was designed to work. Just like it would be odd to not talk about the sun when discussing moonlight, it would be odd to talk about the image-bearer without talking about who we reflect.

As often as needed and faithfully able but here is a good rule of thumb:

1. Need Pain Relief: 2-3/wk until pain free

2. Need Restoration: 1-2/wk to restore function

3. Need Wellness: 1-2x/mo for maintenance. 

Short term goals: Decrease pain, restore daily function

Long term goals: Aging well, anti-inflammation, strong, flexible

Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) often complete a bachelors degree then study another 4 years of a doctoral study. Then they take four intensive national board exams to obtain their license to practice.

Each DC can then subspecialize in orthopedics, neurology, functional medicine, nutrition, and other subspecialties.

Chiropractic care can be utilized to promote functional, structural, and neurological healing that promotes global body wellness.

Chiropractic care is both preventative and therapeutic.

• Restores joint function
• Soft tissue: Harmony muscle/ligament/fascia
• Stimulate neurological balance to fortify brain/body function
• A cost effective strategy for healing the body and stimulating system
• Improved Sleep, Rest, Recovery

Nerve Cells transmit charged signals between the brain & body.

• Pressure decreases nerve function.

• Misalignments and arthritic joints of the spine can also result in impingement of the spinal cord and nerve roots.

• Asymmetry of the body causes asymmetrical feedback to the brain which can cause further body dysfunction.

A disease process of the joint and surrounding structures that results in dysfunctional neurology output to the body and dysfunctional input back to the brain.

Sub = Less
Lux = Light

Implying less neurological flow

Not always, but like deep tissue massage and exercise, there can be a feeling of soreness from a productive adjustment. An inflamed joint can feel tender like a bruise when touched or adjusted. A time of rest after an adjustment is always a good idea to let the body settle, usually for an hour! Historically some of the original chiropractors would have their patients lay and rest on a table for an hour after treatment. Strategies to help pain: Drink plenty of water before and after your adjustment will help. Vitamin C and Magnesium L-threonate will help with soreness.

Chiropractic has helped many babies and children! Chiropractors study pediatric care in their doctoral program.

Some kids need only maintenance adjustments with the normal bumps of life. Some children even young toddlers need therapeutic correction.

Chiropractic is personalized to each individual. Children are much more flexible and respond quicker to an adjustment compared to adults generally.

Tissue healing varies on extent of injury and even re-injury or chronic exacerbation.

There are a lot of factors that play into the disease process. Strained and scarred tissue also form adhesions which impair structure and function.

Some injuries can take days to weeks to heal. While others can take a year to years to resolve.

If there is pain, there is inflammation. So naturally nutrient dense food & supplements would be helpful. 

There is a balance of both rest and movement and stretching, depending on the injury, to fortify flexibility and strength.

For every outer-man journey there is an inner-man journey. Prayer to the God who heals and thanksgiving to the God who gives hope.